Monday, May 15, 2017

New Product Announcement!

Here at The Dust Patrol, we are all about keeping the sensor in your D-SLR and Mirrorless camera dust free. The Phi Dust Catching Disc isn’t a sensor cleaner, but a tool that will help keep some of the dust from reaching your sensor. By placing a Phi Disc in the body cap and rear lens caps of your cameras and lenses, they collect the loose dust that is floating around.

The Phi Disc is 1.5” round and consists of 3 layers. The center layer is a polyester film carrier that doesn’t stretch. This helps keep the shape of the Phi Disc and makes it easier for removal when the time arises to replace it. The two outside layers are of a high performance acrylic adhesive which helps it adhere to the inside of the cap and to trap the floating dust.

The kit contains 4 Phi Dust Catcher Discs and full color printed instructions.

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